by Flint Driscoll on August 11th, 2011

Please, give them anything they want. Signed: I, Flint Driscoll


Allahu akbar! God is greater than the enemy!  Having made his way under false pretenses to Ghulam Khan in Waziristan, the infidel in this photograph was heard to boast freely in the bazaar, the maidan, the hammam and the Starbucks that the infamous American murder attack in Abbottabad in May was a sham and a lie to boost the apostate Barack Hussein Obama, and that in truth our beloved leader and guide, Osama bin Laden, peace be upon him, is not dead, but is instead somewhere hidden in France! Clearly, only a high-level American/Zionist spy could have access to such top secret information about this evil conspiracy, and though he tried to change his story when our fighters apprehended him and questioned him,  it was too late by then for him to lie his way to safety.  We also found incontrovertible truth of the plot on two files on his computer, here, and here. Know this: if the beloved teacher Osama bin Laden is not returned to us safely and soon, this Godless American worm will pay with his vile head. Allahu akbar!

Personal message from Flint Driscoll:

Please for the love of God give these good and kind people everything they want. They have persuaded me to divulge the access passwords to my blog, twitter account, facebook page, and bank accounts, including the one which I am currently setting up with my new friend from Nigeria. They say that, armed with these codes, they are now in a position to launch a devastating cyber attack on Washington DC. Further demands and instructions will be posted here on this blog; I have obtained permission to help them with grammar and spell-checking, so as not to compromise the high standards you have come to expect of I must go now: they are hitting my typing fingers with a knotted rope. Flint Driscoll.