by Flint Driscoll on April 15th, 2011

Speaking of the Toploader Project, Deathorfreedom61 asks whether I have any more hard details about the drone technology used by the terrorists to control and detonate their bomb-donkeys. Indeed I do, deathorfreedom61, and thanks for asking.

My old friend wonderboom41, with whom I have broken a lance or two over the years at the TerrorWatch moderated forum, has helped by providing me with the inside line on recent developments at the more hard-edged end of the tech-savvy security chat room spectrum.

Cross-referencing with certain chatter picked up by the NSA on twitter and “declassified” by wikileaks (I know, I know), it’s clear that coldwarbaby65 was correct when he concluded his masterful analysis of the topic at by referencing lalaliberal’s confirmation that all known facts support my own hypothesis that, as certain highly-placed military sources told me on my last visit to the Embargoed Zone, simple logic demonstrates that the terrorists are now beyond doubt controlling the exploding donkeys using top-secret wire-guided neuro-electronic synapse mind-meld technology stolen by the Revolutionary Guard from secret US Navy bomb-dolphin field tests in the Shatt-al-Arab and then smuggled out to client death squads in various terrorist enclaves around the world, including the Embargoed Zone, Statten Island, Bexhill and Clondalkin.

For further proof, check out these recent exchanges from my own message board, which I’ve collated and redacted here. Also, follow me on twitter at @flintdriscoll. You guys can handle this stuff. The bad guys can’t.

by Flint Driscoll on April 17th, 2011

It has come to my attention that certain scurrilous allegations are being made in a new book about my recent exclusives revealing the existence of the deadly terrorist Toploader Project, and about the undercover mission which formed the basis for my ground-breaking investigations.

I won’t lower myself to repeat those slanders here, because I don’t want to use this high-profile blog to give them a far greater platform than they would otherwise enjoy. A powerful stench emanates from this fetid and puerile book, set in a fantasy world of the author’s prodigiously diseased and inventive imagination. The writer perhaps thinks he’s being amusing, but this is the most dishonest, least funny book I have ever read. That such a tissue of lies and bile could be distributed by a seemingly reputable publisher is to me simply quite stunning.

It is my understanding that the author of these base suggestions is a failed “old media” newspaper reporter, embittered at having been supplanted by the rise of independent web-based commentators and analysts such as myself. Let him and his kind know this: as always, we at intend to ignore everything you say. Deal with it, loser!!