by Flint Driscoll on April 21st, 2011

I had a lay-over of a couple of hours in Brussels airport last week, and it got me thinking about the Republicans’ shameful failure to go through with their solemn promise to close down the federal government once and for all. According to a guy who gave me a really nice neck massage in the VIP lounge, Belgium hasn’t had a federal government now for something like a year or something!  And the place seemed to be doing just fine to me!

Seems to me we could learn a lot from the Belgians. Not bad for a country that was basically created just so the French, British and Prussian armies could have somewhere to shake out of marching formation, and limber up for the game.  Speaking of Waterloo, it always seems to me that we were basically on the wrong side. The US was allied to France for most of that period – less said the better. What? I hear you say. Is Flint Driscoll of the Fightin’ Irish throwing his lot in with the Brits? No, sir. The Prussians, then as now, would be our natural allies. A warm and misunderstood people.