by Flint Driscoll on April 17th, 2011

It has come to my attention that certain scurrilous allegations are being made in a new book about my recent exclusives revealing the existence of the deadly terrorist Toploader Project, and about the undercover mission which formed the basis for my ground-breaking investigations.

I won’t lower myself to repeat those slanders here, because I don’t want to use this high-profile blog to give them a far greater platform than they would otherwise enjoy. A powerful stench emanates from this fetid and puerile book, set in a fantasy world of the author’s prodigiously diseased and inventive imagination. The writer perhaps thinks he’s being amusing, but this is the most dishonest, least funny book I have ever read. That such a tissue of lies and bile could be distributed by a seemingly reputable publisher is to me simply quite stunning.

It is my understanding that the author of these base suggestions is a failed “old media” newspaper reporter, embittered at having been supplanted by the rise of independent web-based commentators and analysts such as myself. Let him and his kind know this: as always, we at intend to ignore everything you say. Deal with it, loser!!