by admin on January 16th, 2012

My fellow blow-backers.

It is with a heavy heart that I, Cass Umtak, former administrator of, address you today. I have just received information that both chills me and sickens me: Flint Driscoll, our beloved former comrade, leader and – yes, inspiration – has been unmasked as a traitor, a terrorist and a hater of the very freedoms that he once taught us to hold dear.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, Driscoll has for five weeks now been secretly held for interrogation in the federal government’s extra-territorial anti-terrorism facility in Guantanamo Bay, free Cuba.

Flint Driscoll, photographed this week in the recreation yard at Guantanamo

It seems that contrary to my last posting here, on December 5th, Driscoll was not rescued by American special forces in Afghanistan last month, but was instead captured by them. Far from being the investigative reporter, analyst and philosopher  that we took him for, a great wind of truth in the war against Islamo-fascism, it seems that Driscoll – or Abdullah Mohammed Salah al’Din, to give him his real name – was a deep penetration sleeper agent in the service of Al Qaeda, Iran, the French intelligence service and the global warming conspiracy. Like the traitor John Walker Lindh, he made his way to Afghanistan as an enemy combatant, with the cold-blooded intention of allying himself with the forces of evil that are ranged there against us our brave boys and women.

I know that this will be a hard blow for all of us. And many of you will be tempted to seek comfort in denial: why should we believe what the Obama regime and its Pentagon stooges have to say about Driscoll, when they have lied to us about so much else – Obama’s birthplace, the death panels for senior citizens, evolution, the 1992 World Series, UN black helicopters, the presence of captured Canadians at Area 51? We can’t trust a word these people say to us.

True. But when a US soldier, intelligence agent, Fox reporter or immigration official tells us that somebody is a Muslim terrorist and/or communist then it is our duty to accept that, and join together in patriotic hatred of that person, and anyone who seeks to defend  or excuse them: this is the American way.

Rot in hell, Flint Driscoll. You better hope they never let you out of Gitmo, because if you show your face round these parts again, we’re going to have us a lynching. Although obviously not the old-fashioned, discredited anti-negro type of lynching. That would be wrong. Instead, we are going to lynch Flint Driscoll. If he ever comes back here.

Signing off for the last time (I’m not even getting’ paid for this – just sayin’!)


Cass Umtak