by Flint Driscoll on April 17th, 2011

It has come to my attention that certain scurrilous allegations are being made in a new book about my recent exclusives revealing the existence of the deadly terrorist Toploader Project, and about the undercover mission which formed the basis for my ground-breaking investigations.

I won’t lower myself to repeat those slanders here, because I don’t want to use this high-profile blog to give them a far greater platform than they would otherwise enjoy. A powerful stench emanates from this fetid and puerile book, set in a fantasy world of the author’s prodigiously diseased and inventive imagination. The writer perhaps thinks he’s being amusing, but this is the most dishonest, least funny book I have ever read. That such a tissue of lies and bile could be distributed by a seemingly reputable publisher is to me simply quite stunning.

It is my understanding that the author of these base suggestions is a failed “old media” newspaper reporter, embittered at having been supplanted by the rise of independent web-based commentators and analysts such as myself. Let him and his kind know this: as always, we at intend to ignore everything you say. Deal with it, loser!!

7 Responses to “Important Notice: Allegations”

  1. Siggy says:

    Are you really a gay girl in Dublin?

  2. Not funny, Siggy. I lost one – perhaps both – of my former wives to the Sapphic perversion. And if you knew anything about Irish genealogy you would be aware that my ó Drisceoil forebears in the Auld Sod hailed from the lovely hills and vales of County Cork and not from Dublin, that degenerate English slum.
    I assume you are trying to “riff” on the leftist provocateur who posed as a Lesbian Syrian blogger in an attempt to smear President Assad’s brave campaign to defend religious freedom in the face of Islamofascist terror. I shall be blogging more on this anon.
    In the meantime, I am sure you wouldn’t have made this tasteless “joke” had you known of my personal sensitivities. But don’t worry: I forgive you.

  3. Ibn Tabbouleh says:

    The Infidel is still able to write with his own fingers??!! Plus, there is no lesbians (or men gays) in our countries. The infidel must be tought a lesson and he must imperatively read “denial for Dummies”.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Ibn – I can call you that, right? – and nice to hear from you again. This is Cass Umtak talking to you, in Flint’s dreadful absence. I’m not getting quite the response I’d hoped for to my appeal for someone to lead the campaign to have Flint freed from the terrorists who kidnapped him in Pakistan. I can’t do the job myself, as I explained, and it seems a real shame that none of Flint’s many followers has stepped up to the plate yet. Maybe you’d consider taking charge? You could start by working whatever contacts you have in the region – judging by your Arabic name, I expect you must know lots of terrorists.

  5. Ibn Tabbouleh says:

    No, you cannot call me Ibn! Its not enough and it makes me feel uncomfortable (it’s like calling me “son”!).
    Plus I cannot help you with your ridiculous campaign to free FD since it is against my religious beliefs. And, I do not know arabic; I was born in the US and my parents never talked to me in the Prophet’s (PBUH)native language. But yes, I am a terrorist!!! And next week I am travelling to Pakistan where I shall be taught fighting techniques in some Al-Qaida camp, but I cannot tell you where. Hopefully too, I’ll get married with a lovely and completely veiled woman (I cross my fingers on that one since I shall not be able to see her until the wedding night). Anyway, I wish you all the bad luck in freeing FD. Once they kill him, you’ll hear me laughing from Parashinar!!! Death to the infidels!!!

  6. Ibn Tabbouleh says:

    Oh my God (PBUH too) I disclosed the location of the camp!!! Erase it you infidel!!!! (pliiiiize).

  7. admin says:

    No dice with the deletion, Ibn. Knowledge is power. But your secret is safe with us, at least until November next year: we at don’t share operational intel with the Obama regime. Meantime, if you see Flint in your camp, please check up on the big guy for us. We’re getting a bit worried about some of the stuff he’s put up on the blog lately. He’s starting to sound a bit soft on the terrorists. If only we could tell the State Department where he is. But a principle is a principle.
    Cass Umtak, web administrator,