by Flint Driscoll on May 6th, 2011

I’ve been studying the European debt crisis from afar. What’s that I hear you say? Schadenfreude? Perhaps a little. But as somebody of Irish and German blood (we’ll leave my Comanche half aside for the time being) I have to admit I’m somewhat conflicted.

The Irish part of me is dismayed that my Celtic fellow tribesmen are once again to be sold into a form of serfdom, as they were before Black ’48, condemned to toil and suffer on their native heath at the behest of an arrogant and bloated foreign rentier class: then, the British absentee landlords;  today, the bankers of Germany and France, who now effectively own Ireland thanks to the willingness of not one but two Quisling governments in Dublin to bend the knee to Brussels, and force their citizens to pay the reckless debts of local and continental financial elites.

But my inner German says, Nein, das ist gut! Now, at last, we have a land border with the United Kingdom! And the Englanders have yet to even notice!  Soon, the birthright we won at Waterloo (Blucher got there first!) will be ours at last.