by Flint Driscoll on April 27th, 2011

Tinker, tailor, soldier, embed: a photographic essay curated by Flint Driscoll

Well here it is, people. The one I’ve been promising you. The dog and pony show. As some of you will know, I recently went on a frontline embed with the world’s most elite, highly-trained and lavishly-equipped top-secret special forces unit, one which I understand is currently engaged, behind the scenes, in at least half a dozen conflicts world-wide.  I am both honored and proud to be able to share these precious images with you!

A couple of caveats: because of the extreme secrecy of this unit, I had to agree not to reveal what it is called, or which government it serves (if any – my lips are sealed!). To protect their identities, as well as details of their equipment, uniform and training, I am not allowed to show you photographs of any of its members, or reveal the theater of warfare in which this particular operation was conducted.

Fortunately, I was packing a back-up camera that day (a Leica, natch), so my liaison officer – an old friend, let’s call him Captain Jones – was able to record my part in the operation for posterity. Look and learn, people!