by Flint Driscoll on April 22nd, 2011

I have mixed feelings about the news that Barack Hussein Obama has finally authorized the deployment of killer robots to Libya.  On the one hand, I have always been a major supporter of the expanded use of attack drones in modern warfare, and no one has greater admiration than I for the brave young men and women who operate these vital weapons of freedom. But why has Barack Hussein Obama left it so late? And will he go in hard enough? Each Predator drone (and I have reason to believe that we have even more potent shots in our locker) is able to deploy pin-point Hellfire missiles, right down the terrorists’ throats. More importantly, it can serve as an “eye in the sky”, identifying and designating targets for US aircraft (why oh why do we persist with this NATO farce?) which can then bomb from high altitude and at supersonic speed, protected, if need be, by Wild Weasel assets deploying HARM weapons against terrorist air defences. Nothing shouts justice like a one ton smart bomb.
But will the present administration have the guts to go the extra mile against Gaddaffi and his sub-Saharan henchmen? Frankly, I doubt it. And so do you.